Getting Started with Solar

Our solar business members are well qualified and courteous and will guide you through the necessary steps to select and complete your new solar photovoltaic system. Here is a summary of those steps and some tips to make your process even more effective.


CONTACT Solar Sebastopol to obtain information packet


SELECT solar designers and installers and schedule site visits


REVIEW and COMPLETE our program’s energy conservation checklist


REQUEST solar installation proposals


CHOOSE the best proposal and sign your purchase agreement


PROVIDE info for installer to initiate rebate and utility paperwork


WATCH your solar system get professionally installed


SEE your solar system’s thorough building code/quality inspection


EVALUATE your system and service to ensure program accountability


ENJOY your utility meter running backwards and lower electric bills!

*** You can download a more detailed and printable list of How to Go Solar here (PDF). ***
(PDF document - Adobe Reader needed to open. If you do not have adobe reader, go here to download the free software:

Solar Sebastopol volunteers marching in the 2004 Apple Blossom Parade in downtown Sebastopol encourage their neighbors to Go Solar!

1. CONTACT: Call Solar Sebastopol at 707-823-1153 and request an information packet.

2. SELECT: Solar Sebastopol solar vendors are local, experienced, and well qualified to install the right system for you. Visit our Solar Vendors page to see a list of participating solar businesses.

Click here for some tips on selecting a solar pv installer

Click here to learn about the California Solar Inititative and its benefits for you: Note: There are a variety of financial incentives for going solar and they frequently change. Your local solar vendor is the best source for the most current offerings and how they apply to you.

3. REVIEW: It is important to review and implement any possible energy conservation measures for your home or business before deciding on the appropriate size for your solar pv system. Click here to download an Energy Conservation Checklist (PDF).

8. SEE: In addition to the building inspection that is required by the City of sebastopol, Solar Sebastopol will provide a more detailed inspection to be sure your installation is up to our standards. If it is not, we will help you get it corrected.

9. EVALUATE: We keep a tight quality control on our solar business members. We want to be sure you are getting the best quality, service and performance. You can help us keep this quality standard by completing a customer evaluation survey after your installation is complete. Your installer should provide you with one - or you can download it here: Customer Evaluation Form (PDF).