How to Join Solar Sebastopol

Please Note: Solar Sebastopol is no longer accepting members. Please visit our new expanded organization - Solar Sonoma County - to learn about membership opportunities there:

Community Supporter

Join us in reaching Sebastopol's goal to produce 1 megawatt of clean, renewable solar power. A site visit by a local solar professional to determine whether solar is right for your situation costs you nothing. Even if you're not a property owner, you can support Solar Sebastopol through membership or a donation. We warmly encourage members of our community and beyond to support this effort to increase Sebastopol's energy independence. Your contributions will be used to further our educational and promotional efforts to put Sebastopol on the map as a solar community.

We will be pleased to acknowledge our supporters on this web site. (Please indicate with your check if you would NOT like to be on the web site.)

Suggested donation amounts:

  • Regional or national business: $500
  • Local business or organization (not solar related): $100
  • Solar supporter: $25
  • Other amount of your choice: $ ____

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Solar Business Membership

We enthusiastically invite local solar vendors, installers, distributors, and retailers to join Solar Sebastopol at our $350 level.

Manufacturers are encouraged to join at the $1,000 level. 

Benefits of Membership

1)  Use of the Solar Sebastopol (SS) logo
2)  A marketing presence on the web (SS site), in the SS brochure, in city advertising, PR and marketing efforts for the SS program, and a rating of "Solar Sebastopol Supporter".
3)  Voting privileges to elect the SS steering committee. Input on the direction of the program.
4)  Job pictures, testimonials, and inspection ratings on the SS web site.
5)  With that web presence, a member should get a certain number of direct leads (no guarantees), some of which will depend on how well they present themselves in the literature.
6)  When a certification sticker is awarded, there will be a corresponding press release to that effect.  We may group more than one vendor announcement together in the release. 
7) Participation in Solar Sebastopol public events.
8) A $300 discount on solar permit fees in the city of Sebastopol.

To Join

1)    Initial membership of Solar Sebastopol will include participating solar vendors/installers/retailers/manufacturers, etc. - people that are in the business. 

2)    Solar business annual membership levels:

a.  Vendor/installer/retailer/distributor - $350

b.  Manufacturer - $1,000

3)    All installations by SS members in Sebastopol must go through the SS process:

a. Perform an energy evaluation and present an energy checklist for the customer to sign

b. Submit a signed customer evaluation after project completion

c. Be willing to submit to an additional level of inspection to assure quality.

4)    Qualifications for becoming a solar vendor/installer member of Solar Sebastopol:

a. Verification of contractor's license board - legal, appropriate (C-10, C-46) and up to date for installers

b. Current Worker's comp insurance, if applicable

c. Current Liability insurance, if applicable

d. City of Sebastopol business license

e. Good standing with the BBB

f.  A minimum of 3 PV installation reference customers that can be contacted

 5)    Criteria to remain a member in good standing:

a. Installations must meet minimum inspected rating standards

b. Must receive minimum customer satisfaction rating

c. Must adhere to the Solar Sebastopol process (see 3 above)

d. Must turn in completed energy efficiency checklist (signed by customer) for each install

e. Must turn in completed customer evaluation at conclusion of each project

6)    Criteria for losing membership status

a. Poor customer satisfaction (less than minimum) rating due to vendor negligence

b. Not adhering to the SS process, i.e. not handing in energy efficiency checklist, not doing energy efficiency piece of the site visit, etc.

c. The member will get 2 opportunities to make improvements, or lose membership

7)    Criteria for becoming certified:

a. After becoming a member, must perform a minimum of 2 high-rated installations in the City of Sebastopol and maintain high-rated installations consistently

High-rated installations will include a better than average fit and finish (module appearance, wiring runs), exceptional design for the site, etc.  In other words, higher than average standards normally deemed acceptable by the building department.  A specific list of criteria is to be developed.  Members may participate in this discussion. 

8)    Criteria for losing certification have not yet been developed, and members will be encouraged to help design these criteria